Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Social Care Council

The Convener of the Council, Mr. Sydney Graham started his address by drawing up the connections between the work of the council and the work of the Safeguarding Committee. The Social Services Council offers a number of social services to people in need in Christ’s name. Its remit is to provide specialist resources to further the caring work of the church and t identify existing and emerging areas of need, to guide the Church in pioneering new approaches to relevant problems and to make responses on issues arising within the area of the Council’s concern through appropriate channels.

The Convener stated that 94% of services were graded good or higher for Quality of Care and Support. Over 67% of staff is qualified for their posts and 171 staff gained qualifications in 2009. Some of those services were finalists for the Scottish Care Awards, and the Adams House was a finalist in the Great British Care Home Awards. Finally, the Bronze Award was given to the Oasis centre in Garelochhead. Clearly, these services are of the highest quality and are a good example of good practice.

The Convener then presented the reorganisation plans for the council, due to the general financial conditions of the Church of Scotland. He ended his report by stating that the council faced a time of challenge but this time also presented a real opportunity to continue the church’s witness through the provision of social care services throughout Scotland.

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