Friday, 21 May 2010

Parish Development Fund

Martin Fair began his address by mentioning that £675,000 has been dispersed through the fund in support of 22 main projects, 7 pilot projects and 14 training and research grants. He proceeded to remind the General Assembly that the fund is a means with which to enable congregations to reach their goals of spreading the work of the Lord.

His report provided examples of congregations beaming with confidence and of armies of volunteers. Particularly poignant was the recounted testimony of a young heroin addict who would have continued living a life of despair, low self esteem, addiction and self destruction, were it not for the work of people within his community who attended the local church. Within the church, he received affirmation, support and help in a non-judgemental manner. His life is now changed, being two years drug free, with a steady job and contemplating with delight his future marriage.

Mr. Fair stated that the aim of the Parish Development Fund was “to get out of the way and facilitate the work of congregations in doing what they do best… spread the Gospel in action”. The Fund continues to be committed to support the Church’s work in priority areas. He expressed his thanks to the commitment of congregations who truly have become radical churches living by the Gospel and thanked the work of the Fund’s staff, which not only travel to congregations and help with admin work, “but actually help visions to become realities”. He stated that in spite of the financial situation of the Kirk, the fund has earmarked funds to continue with its work for the next two years.

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