Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Report of the National Youth Assembly

The Moderator of the Youth Assembly, Mr. Ian Mclarty presented to the General Assembly with the proceedings of last year’s Youth Assembly. The Youth Assembly meets in order to offer 16-25 year olds the opportunity to debate issues and have a voice within the Church. Last year’s Youth Assembly took place for the first time in Stirling and there was plenty of opportunity for worship, music and debate. Particularly inspiring was the presence of the Emmanuel Gospel choir who uplifted everyone’s spirits.

The topics discussed during the Youth Assembly were:
- identity
- wealth
- spirituality and
- interfaith

Mr. Mclarty ended his address by thanking the work of Dr. Marjorie MacLean who during her years in the Church of Scotland worked very hard to get the voices of young people heard within the Church. He then thanked Steve Mallin for the theological nurturance with which he encouraged regularly members of the Youth Assembly.

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