Saturday, 22 May 2010

Report of the Church Hymnary Trustees

The report was presented by its chairman, Mr. George Penrose. He informed the General Assembly that since July 1898 the Church Hymnary had been developed ecumenically. However, recently, the United Free Church expressed its desire to withdraw from this work.

Mr. Penrose stated that over the years other ecumenical partners who had expressed their desire to withdraw from the scheme, were granted a share of the funds equivalent to 2.5% of the Trusts assets in exchange for the Discharge of their interests in the Trust and the copyright to their scores and texts. “This has been the established model for exiting ecumenical partners “said the chairman, and requested therefore that the United Free Church receive a share of the funds in exchange for the copyright of its materials. The General Assembly approved this deliverance.

The chairman then asked the General Assembly to consider the future of the Trust since the church of Scotland was now the only constituent in the Trust. He also asked the Assembly to consider the need for any editions of the Hymnary in the near future.

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