Wednesday, 26 May 2010

General Trustees report

Dr. James Jack presented the report. He mentioned that there were an increasing number of churches engaging with external organisations as they sought to develop their buildings in order to engage more effectively with their local communities. This shared use of buildings can only mean shared savings in the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings. He urges the commissioners to encourage their congregations to become innovative in their use of buildings and if possible to consider sharing the use of the buildings of their church.

Dr. Jack then reported on the upkeep of a deliverances passed last year instructing presbyteries to renew their insurances taking into consideration current valuations. He reported that 34 Presbyteries had completed such valuations, 12 were almost completed and only one presbytery had yet to complete the valuation. reported that the insurances had to be negotiated considering full reinstatement value.

Insurance costs were often mentioned during the discussion. This is echoing the financial situation of the Kirk. Some commissioners expressed the need for the General Trustees to be more proactive in the dissemination of information about available governmental funding for the upkeep of buildings, or the modification and upgrade for more efficient heating systems. Others expressed their desire for the General Trustees to negotiate on behalf of groups of parishes for collective buying of alternative forms of energy with which to heat the church buildings.

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