Monday, 24 May 2010

The Guild presents its report

The Guild presented a report on the actions undertaken following their strategy for the years 2009-2012. Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn, National Convener of The Guild started by stating “how much out of silence we women have become”. She then presented the work that The Guild is doing in conjunction with a variety of partners amongst which are The International Justice Mission who provides a safe place for children who have been sold into sex slavery. She spoke passionately of the Guild's firm conviction to fight human trafficking. She also mentioned the work of OtherSide who works with children in Scotland who are affected by their parents being in prison. She mentioned that there are more children in Scotland affected by this problem than by divorce.

Mrs. Dunn proceeded to speak of the work done in conjunction for A Place for Hope, in dealing with conflict resolution techniques. She spoke of the need to spread mediation skills amongst congregations.

The work of The Guild in support of the HIV/AIDS project, known from now on as the HIV/AIDS Programme was also highlighted and it became evident that the fundraising efforts and commitment of Guild members across Scotland to help those afflicted by HIV/AIDS and in need of nutrition was very successful. However their involvement is not only financial, Guild members launched an appeal for plastic gloves and school stationary for Zimbabwe and were able to chart 3 plane-loads of materials to that country.

Ms Dunn spoke warmly of the ecumenical work done in conjunction with Interfaith Action in Israel and Palestine, where Christian accompany Palestinians through their daily lives by simply living with them, and bearing witness to their trials and tribulations. She also made reference to the work done by Rabbis for Human Rights and their work in strengthening the links between Palestinian and Israeli women.

On a more administrative aspect of the report Mrs Dunn reported that the new constitution of The Guild had been revised, circulated and accepted by its members and sought the General Assembly’s approval of this new constitution.

All deliverances were approved and Mrs Dunn was thanked for work as National Convener.

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